About Us

We, like you, love auction sites - we've been a member of ebay since 2000. However, what we don't like is getting into bidding wars that inflate the price, or staying awake until the early hours of the morning (there are some bargains to be found there!).

How my love of auction sites began
When I first started using ebay, it was clear that for the really interesting items bidding wars would often artificially inflate the final price. This would happen in the middle of an auction and also at the end when there would be frantic bidding as an attempt to be the winner.

As an attempt to avoid this, I would search for auctions that ended late at night and would stay up just to get these bargains. Staying up late was no fun though - I knew there had to be a better way. Then I had a brainwave.

Automated bidding
I realised early on that if I could get my computer to place my bids for me that I wouldn't have any problems with bidding wars or winning auctions that ended at strange times.

Swift Snipe is a small family based business, complete with family values, that uses the same software that we have been using for years to place our maximum bid in the last few seconds of an ebay auction.

Joe Brewer, Chief sniper

PS. Some of the other driving forces in my life are Belgian Beer, French romantic organ music and my family.