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2 50 50,000
1 x 11 seconds
1 x 20 minutes
8 seconds 5 seconds
1 month 1 month 1 month
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Pricing FAQ's

Is there a trial period?

All members can use this sniping service for free and will get 2 free sniping credits each month. One of the sniping credits will be 11 seconds before the auction ends, and the other sniping credit will be 20 minutes before the auction ends.

Do I get charged every month?

No. Our Basic and Premium packages are non re-occuring. This way you can have more control over what you are buying - you only buy the credits when you need them.

Do the sniping credits ever expire?

Yes. Credits expire after one month.

What happens if I dont win the auction?

For all products except the free one, sniping credits are refunded.